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How did Read Between The Lines® come about?

We all have something we dream about doing – it’s often the stuff you sketch on paper napkins and boarding passes and church programs. For me, it was creating a line of cards.

I wanted to write words that moved people to braveness of the heart or a better day. I wanted to print them on paper so good it would make you sigh with the yum of it all.

The design had to be modern, warm, and gender neutral, so that even my brother, Morgan, would feel comfortable using the line. Paper goods that serve men and women with equal amounts of thoughtfulness and quality. Laughter and relationships don’t really have a gender, after all. The good stuff is the good stuff.

It was important to me that the cards would speak to the feelings you have about events and the people involved, rather than focusing on the events themselves. That’s why our products don’t say ‘Happy Birthday!’ but, rather, ‘You’re The Best And The Mostest,’ or ‘Heck Yes.’